Frequently Asked Questions

What is your Company History?

The company was founded and is currently owned by Doug Wells.  In 2001, he attended SolarFest in Vermont and was inspired.  In 2002, he did a summer long internship at Solar Energy International.  Then started full time with Solar Works and became their lead VT installer 2003-2006.  In 2006, he started The Solar Specialists in Worcester,  VT and has been providing some of the the highest quality solar installation in Central Vermont.  Most business is residential, varying from Off Grid dream homes to Net Zero battery backup systems for EV and Heat Pumps.

Are there Incentives for Solar Installation?

Yes,  there are incentives.  Currently most incentives are tax credits.  Some projects qualify for rebates.  
We will not mislead you about the Payback times for solar investment. 

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What primary services do you offer?

Design and Installation of Solar Electric systems.

It is the intention of this company to promote sustainability in our community through the design and installation of renewable energy systems. As our civilization transitions from complete reliance on finite fossil fuels to more sustainable energy resources, solar energy will play a key role in creating safe, reliable energy independence. Our desire is to help you to create a better future, for yourself and for future generations, by choosing to go solar.

Do you offer system design or maintenance of older systems?

The primary focus is to meet the needs of clients in Central Vermont.  We do offer design services,  site analysis, consulting and service older systems.  
Understand that as Licensed electrician's we are not able to service systems outside of our client base, unless they are brought up to current National Electric Code standards.  

Do all your systems have batteries?

Many systems do not have batteries and are tied directly into the utility grid.  However, we specialize in battery based design for both off grid and grid back up.   We can design a battery system that is right for you including old Lead Acid batteries or current Lithium technology, specifically LiFeP.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes.  We have a Vermont S-License for Solar Electric installation and carry required Insurance policies.