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Off Grid System in Progress in Calais, Vermont

\r\nThis is a picture of a solar installation in progress. After working with the architect and our clients to determine the ideal placement for the 4.1 KW system, we installed it during their given construction timetable alongside the home builder cialis order s. The panels were placed per the clients’ wishes to allow for ease […]

5.5 KW PV System in Roxbury, Vermont

\r\n\r\n \r\nThis solar system is mounted on the client’s barn. The modules are attached to the standing seam roof with non-penetrating clips. The system was designed to meet 100% of the client’s annual electrical needs. We worked with the utility co cheap viagra sales mpany No prescription cialis to form a group net metering setup. […]

7.2 KW Fixed Ground Mount in Middlesex, VT

\r\nThis is a 7.2 kW solar electric system. It is mounted on 3″ galvanized pipes with aluminum rails and is fixed at a 40 degree tilt. The system sits on a beautiful and ideal site, atop a hill overlooking an open clearing. Even on a somewhat overc ordering viagra ast day such as the one […]