Tax Credits

    Tax Credits-\r\n\r\nFederal Solar Tax credits were recently extended.  The 30 % tax credit program for both personal and business now runs through the end of 2019 and is then prorated to 2021.

    Community Solar is Coming to Elmore VT

    The Solar Specialists will be constructing a small community solar array in Elmore Vermont in 2016.  We are looking for participants that would like to produce their electricity locally from solar energy.  If you are interested in solar energy, but your homestead has trees or your site is not appropriate for installation, then a group […]

    2.4 KW Grid Tied Solar PV System in Worcester, Vermont

    This is a 20 panel solar installation on two adjustable tilt ground mounts. This system is located on the north side of a large open area, in a field next to a newly revived organic farm. At the Solar Specialists we appreciate the synergy of renewable energy and organic farming practices.\r\n order generic levitra