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2.9 KW Off-Grid Solar System in Duxbury, Vermont

\r\n\r\nThis is a 2.9 KW off-grid adjustable pole mount PV solar system. This is an example of a remote location site where installing a solar system was less expensive- and a better long term investment- than paying to build additional utility power l cheap viagra online ines to the client’s home. The solar electric array […]

2.4 KW Grid Tied Solar PV System in Worcester, Vermont

This is a 20 panel solar installation on two adjustable tilt ground mounts. This system is located on the north side of a large open area, in a field next to a newly revived organic farm. At the Solar Specialists we appreciate the synergy of renewable energy and organic farming practices.\r\n order generic levitra

5.4 KW Roof Mounted Solar System in Barton, Vermont

This 5.4 KW solar system is a good example of how we’re able to integrate solar panels into older buildings. This structure is part of Barton Veterinary Hospital and was designed to produce 80% of the hospital’s electricity. The structure was a unique challenge, with unusual timber framing and variable attachments at the roof.  The […]