Why Work with TSS?

    We know that each project offers a unique opportunity to show the quality of your work. Working with Architects and Builders provides more flexibility in approaching sustainability. Entering into a relationship in the design phase allows us to share perspective, integration concepts, and experience with nuts-and-bolts detail. We strive to create  strong, lasting business relationships that offer the potential for ongoing referral and mutual education in a continually evolving industry.

    Locally Owned Business  We have been installing solar in Vermont since 2003 and are a locally owned business. In choosing us, you are supporting Vermont’s local economy and other Vermont small businesses that we work with.  Years of experience have taught us that every installation has specialized design considerations, and at The Solar Specialists we install systems that are optimally performing and aesthetically tasteful. You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your building and land to achieve the best performance from your system.

    Experience  We have expertise in using a variety of equipment, and we install panels and inverters based on the needs of your project. We choose not to advertise or sell panels for any single manufacturer, because we want the freedom to choose the best equipment for your site.  We have a diverse and extensive portfolio, that includes utility inter-tie, off-grid, battery back-up, and solar thermal systems for hot water and space heating. We have worked with various training programs, teaching electricians, builders and engineers at the US Solar Institute. Doug sits on the Solar Thermal committee of Renewable Energy Vermont, overseeing the Vermont State Incentive Program.

    Diversity  We have experience working with systems of all types and sizes. Ranging from remote residences to larger businesses and schools.  We designed, installed, and maintained dozens of systems in Central Vermont.  Because we’ve been installing solar for nearly a decade, we have experience working with older solar equipment. This allows us to provide maintenance, repair and upgrades to aging solar systems.

    Commitment to the Environment  We strive to be  green in our own operations and live sustainable lives. We use biodiesel fuel in our service truck and use a hybrid car for site visits. We are also conscious about waste from construction, recycling packaging and materials where possible.

    Satisfied Clients  We respect the commitment of our clients to solar.  We are here to provide a turn key service that is code compliant, well designed, and of the highest quality.  This approach has allowed our business to grow steadily and keeps our clients satisfied with our service and support.