Benefits of Solar

    The integration of solar energy systems into building plans is part of a larger philosophical shift happening in the fields of design and construction. Instead of placing emphasis exclusively on the upfront costs of building, forward-thinking companies are looking at these costs versus the value of the building over time. By including energy efficient materials and renewable energy systems into design plans, the cost of maintaining buildings is significantly lower, and the value of buildings over time increases. By introducing clients to these concepts, architects and builders are moving the market away from a “fast and cheap” mentality to a more “lasting, durable and valuable” investment in new construction. If you would like to learn more about  including solar in your building plans, please contact us by clicking the button to the right.
    Benefits of Solar Power:
    Environment  Clean Energy and Low Carbon.  No moving parts. No noise.  Low Maintenance Harnesses Earth’s most abundant resource
    Economics  Safe Investment- Investment in solar protects against increases in energy costs over time.  Increase in kWh cost = Increase in Value of System Adds value to property that is tax exempt.  Lowers operations and maintenance costs for you and future owners or tenants.  This increases resale value and attracts high quality buyers.  Incentives and Tax Credits- There are strong incentives for both home and business.   See our Grants and Incentives Page
    Societal Benefits  Increased Utilization of renewable energy for production of goods, transportation, modern lifestyle.  A peaceful energy solution- reduces our reliance on foreign countries for limited oil reserves.  Drives forward the green economy and local business
    Independence  Distributed Energy Production and On-site generation promote local energy independence.  Protection against large increases in energy rates and power outages