Architects & Builders

    The Solar Specialists has extensive experience working with architects and builders. New construction and renovation projects offer a unique opportunity for solar design. Like any building project, solar energy is an investment. It is an exciting time for green builders and architects because of the shift in understanding this investment.  Instead of focusing only on upfront costs, clients are becoming more concerned about the ongoing operational and maintenance costs of a structure. Integration of green materials, design efficiency, and renewable energy systems have a greater payback over the long run of this investment. In addition to installation, the Solar Specialists can help your clients understand the potential of solar technology, the long-term value of the investment, and assist in navigating permitting, tax credits, and incentive programs.  For Architects For Architects, we offer consultation services in solar design. We can help you optimize your site for maximal energy collection and optimal performance. Ideal solar system design is dependent on planning, load analysis, project integration, and placement of collection and energy storage in the most appropriate and productive areas.  We also offer turnkey installation service.  The earlier that you talk with us about your plans and design, the better we can streamline your process and optimize your system.  For Builders   We work with builders in a variety of settings.  We appreciate the knowledge and experience you have executing in the field; fulfilling plans and designs in real-world applications.  We encourage builders and general contractors to use our services because of the knowledge and specialized expertise that we bring.  We will work with you to ensure safety, best design, aesthetics, while meeting both your budget and timeline.  Many of our projects are referred by past clients, architects and builders who recommend our services. We strive to create ongoing and satisfying relationships with you and your company.  The Solar Specialists has experience working on residential installations, small businesses, in remote locations, and has a portfolio that reflects cutting edge solar technologies.

    Services that we offer:

      • Site visits
      • System Installation and Maintenance
      • Component sourcing and procurement assistance
      • Contract bidding and negotiation
      • Technical support during construction
      • System commissioning
      • System data acquisition and monitoring systems
      • Owner O&M documentation and training
      • Continuing technical support