Benefits of Solar Energy

    Installing a solar system on your home or business has numerous benefits.  It is a personal decision to have a more sustainable lifestyle, a safe financial investment and  supports environmental responsibility in our society.  While some people feel that solar is too expensive, you discover that it will save money compared to what you will pay the Utility over the life of the panels. And once your investment in solar has paid itself off in energy production, you will be producing free power!  Take a positive step toward a better future and a sustainable lifestyle- invest in solar.

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    Clean Energy and Low Carbon

    No moving parts. No noise.  Low Maintenance

    Harnesses Earth’s most abundant resource


    Safe Investment- Investment in solar protects against increases in energy costs over time.  Increase in kWh cost = Increase in Value of System

    Adds value to property that is tax exempt.

    Lowers operations and maintenance costs for you and future owners or tenants.  This increases resale value and attracts good buyers.

    Incentives and Tax Credits- There are strong incentives for both home and business.   See our Grants and Incentives Page

    Societal Benefits

    Increased Utilization of renewable energy for production of goods, transportation, modern lifestyle

    A peaceful energy solution

    Drives forward the green economy and local energy independence


    Distributed Energy Production and On site generation

    Protection against large increases in Energy Rates